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  1. 1 yr with clean scans and can't each of you enough. Posting and chatting on here was helpful. Still to this day i truely don't understand everything like some of you. When I find a job, i'll throw a few bucks in the kitty, you are a great bunch!!
  2. Found that 2 table spoons of raw honey worked... Radiation is behind me now and at home until Dec 13th.
  3. Good day all. 3rd week of treatment and the radiation is getting the better part of my throat. i have 2 more weeks of radiation and my throat is toast now very hard to eat and drink. I radaition 5 days a week in the upper chest. Chemo so far is a walk in the park but radiation is taking it's toll on me. i still eat but getting very difficult.
  4. I am ding well with this chemo and radiation... THe preasure is gone and i no longer feel this tumor. had radiation 3X and chemo once and so far so good. no side effects yet but expect to experiance some sooner or later. Today i feel better than i have in months! A question to you find MOds? Do i need to stat posting in a different topic area? THis one is getting long.
  5. Thanks... Ok this is what the treatment is. I don't know if it's the right or wrong one... I only know i have to do something. So here it is IV Chemptherapy once a week Agent Carboplatin (paraplatin) paclitaxel (Taxol) Radiation: 15 min's a day 5 days Tomo Therapy Jump on this coaster Monday 130.
  6. On Monday i start treatment. 8 weeks of radiation everyday 15 min's and one day of chemo and then 4 weeks of only chemo
  7. Thank each of you i have learn a ton in a short time. Time to strap in this roller coaster. Pretty sure Treatment is starting 10-1 Hands in the air, smile on my face lets get this going!! Not asking question just doings what they ask. I don't know if this is the right place or not!! It's all a gut call. Cancer treatmet places are the way to go to me. One stop shop, with all the tools under one roof...
  8. First off Thanks for all the prayers and support it does help! Back home from Tulsa OK and had that Biposy and should know the results tomarrow. In 3 days i had another CT, PET, MRI and a CT Biopsy! This place is like an assembly line!! I am on the fast track for sure. I'll go back on Monday and start to fight this nasty cancer!
  9. OK, This cancer place in Tulsa has got my insurance approved and they cover the flights.. Yes flights as Susan is coming with. I finally have that warm fussy feeling something will get done. Canceled all my other appointments with the local doc's. Looking forward to Monday... Love this forum!! you all are great.
  10. Monday 9-20 i will be in Tulsa for a week with Susan. No more waiting on these local Doc's. One stop shop as they have everything on site and a schedule in place. Step up or get out the hell out of my way as i want to win this fight!! Thank you all for the support and prayers...
  11. OK they can't operate on it. they wanted to do another CT for what i do know! 9-28 2 more weeks. Hell cut into me and lets get this game going... Feel like a hot potato getting passed around. stopping in to help make car payments. Still don't know what type or stage! I can say pot oil pills work on the pain... Pure oil not something made in a lab.... Thank you Canadain compassion center.
  12. I will go watch Ryan race his BMX bike and then Packing up the dirt bikes and go riding this weekend. You should see Ryan ride he floats across the track... For yrs we traveled all over the US BMX racing and miss it. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=100995636601857&saved On a dirt bike well he's not so graceful LOL.... Putting all this in a away and play with my kid. Did the PET scan and still no info yet. Maybe another office visit so i can help pay for the Benz out front.... Doc called and really didn't offer any solid info. It appears to be localized and some limp nods light up. he wants to do a sugicial biopsy. I did ask why not just go in and take it. His response was thats up to the surgeon! he is dancing around and careful with his words!! Hate that but it is what is it on to the next guy.
  13. This pulmonary guy was a waste of time! Done with all these's over paid P/C mice!! Man up and tell me something, you do this for a living don't you! Sorry, this is just a merry go round in the middle of Elementy school yard. He can't reach the area thru my throat! Then use a knife dumb *ss dont schedule a lung test on 9-20! Didn't anwser a single question, just circle jerk repies and i paid for this! 4 months of this pain and discomfort plus no sleep... MAybe this PET in the morning will bring out a real Doc and talk with me. MAd as hell waiting a week for nothing, he got paid is all.
  14. OK are there any other question i'd want to ask? 1. Is it small cell or non-small cell cancer? 2. Is it squamous or adenocardinoma. There can be other kinds of cancer too. You want to know what "kind" of cancer you have. 3. What stage is it? Stage I means it was caught very early. Stage II as well. It's likely operable and removable. Stage III and Stage IV, means it has spread beyond the chest into lymph nodes and possibly other organs. Nervious as hell! Pulmonary doctor today at 4pm then 7am Friday for the PET and i am sure you'll be hearing from me after that. I have an interview on Monday 2pm for a new job... (no travel too!) Not sure how thats going to play out if i go under the knife! Talk about a juggling act.... A job would be helpful and give me something else to think about. Thank you all for the kind words and support. I'd like to reach out and give each of ya a hug. My wife of 29yrs Susan of will be getting on the board here soon. She has been great and worry about her a bit. She comes with me to fill out the paper work LOL...
  15. Easy What did they do crack open your chest? surgey grr... This club isn't too much fun and scary.
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