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  1. Pip

    Good news!

    It has been along time since I have tried to contact LCSC forums, but at the end of April, I went for another checkup, 4.5 years and still cancer free.Some of you out there have heard most all of this before. There may be a lot more you that are wondering who? My member list # is 1064. All in all I Praise God because I am cancer free. With Respect and Love in Jesus name, Pip
  2. Pip

    An update,.

    Sorry I haven't been on here for a long time. Really a poor excuse, but I've been working between 70 to 100 hrs+ a week for a long time now, the last couple of years. The end of October 2007, had a 6 mo checkup, still cancer free. Some sweet person posted a private msg. for me, but I can't get to it for some reason. Just want to say God bless everyone Have a Merry Christmas. Love in Jesus Pip
  3. Pip

    Cancer Free!!!

    Three weeks ago on 11-2-05, we went to see one of our favorite doctors. Had the blood work done, had a CT scan the week before. We got in his little exam room waiting on him to come in. Finally he walked through the door, beaming like the sun. He went on to try to tell us that he could not explain what he was seeing in the CT report. He said because of the severity of the type of cancer I had, the aggressiveness of it and where it was at, he had no words to explain why and that I am cancer free. It is now 2 years. At that point my wife interjected, "How about miracle?", and he said Yes. This is really neat because he is East Indian. I am so thankful for Jesus and what He did for all of us. I pray for everyone when this comes to mind, and I hope that all will come to see the glory of God. In Love with Jesus Pip
  4. Pip

    Good news

    4/27/05 More good news. Had c/t 4/21/05 Results today show nothing. Jesus did a real good job when He healed me. I haven't posted very much in all the previous months, have been busy busy busy. The oilfield is booming right now and I'm working anywhere from 60 to 100 hrs a week. I had 4th stage lung cancer, Jesus chemo surgery have healed me. Missing over half of my left lung, get short of breath if I try to do a whole lot of physical labor, but all the people I work with understand. I mechanic for a living. 29 April will be 18 months cancer free. There is hope for all of us. Pip
  5. Hello Catlover, As you have gathered from all the replys to your question, there are many of us out here that have survived. Had 4th stg lung cancer, I have been cancer free on the 29th of this month for 13 months. I give all the praise and glory to Jesus as He is the ultimate healer. Trust in Him. In Jesus Pip
  6. Pip

    Cancer free

    I posted this in another forum yesterday, and was reminded that we can all use some good news. So here I go. Key words: JESUS & had. I had 4th stage lung cancer, went this past Monday Oct 11 had bloodwork done and a CT scan. Saw Dr. on Thursday Oct 14. He told us that the bloodwork was excellent and the CT has shown lung improvement from the one I had done on 1 July 04 and that there was nothing else on the CT scan, and that we don't have to see him again for 6 months. Praise GOD Jesus healed me and I had lung cancer. Jesus is in the healing business today, trusting in him no matter what happens you win. I will continue in my prayers for everyone. Love to all in Jesus name, Pip
  7. Pip

    Still cancer free

    Had CT scan and blood work on Monday Oct 11. Went to see Dr. today Thursday Oct. 14. Dr told us that CT was better than the last one that I had taken on July 1, blood work is excellent. Don't have another Dr. appt until some time in April. Iwould like to encourage everyone in saying Jesus is still in the healing business today and I thank Him for the healing that has taken place in this physical body of mine. Love to all in Jesus name, Pip
  8. Cap I can only say that Jesus is still in the healing and miracle mode. Please tell you husband. I have first hand knowledge of these facts. Had 4th stage LC, and I am now cancer free. Jesus word is full of healing scriptures grab ahold of them and don't let go. Statistics don't mean anything to the Lord. Praying for your husband and for your father in law. In Jesus name, Love Pip
  9. 4-30-03 My wife set up an appointment for me to get a physical, and a PSA test, a given after you are 50. (Am I telling to much?) This road has many curves in it, I hope you will bear with me. This was my first physical in quite some time, we had an appointment for one in August 02, but at that time we didn't have any insurance. So you know that I didn't have one then. The doctor was listening to my chest, and he said "I heard a rattle, could we take an xray?" He took one, and you know how long it takes to see the results when you are waiting. He finally sent a nurse to get me and look at the xray. He had a very good bedside manner, the xray was hanging on the lighted thing so you could see it. He pointed out a spot on my left lung and made the statement "That is cancer untill proven otherwise." My first responce to him was "If it is I'll go to be with the Father." We then discussed the next step, having a CT scan. 5-14-03 had a CT scan. It confirmed spot on left lung and a spot on right lung. Then he sent us on to another DR., who went in and did a broncoscopy and took a biopsy on the left lung where the larger of the spots were. The results of that came back and confirmed it was cancer. He then sent us to get a PET scan (and I couldn't supply my own pets) and that confirmed that the cancer was in both lungs. He then told us, us being my precious wife and me, that there was nothing he could do, and made an appointment for us with a cancer Dr. Saw cancer Dr.. Talked with him about treatment. He set us up to start chemo on 7-8-03. But, while we were talking, I told him, 3 things could happen, I could be devinely healed, the doctors could heal me or I could go to be with the Father, I win, I win, I win. I realy don't know the name of the chemo, but from what the Dr. told us it was heck for stout. The treatments were once a week and three weeks off. I was very blessed while taking these treatments, I did not get the violent sick that many get while on chemo, as a matter of fact I worked all the way through the treatments with only minor but sometimes hard sideeffects. The job that I have is not a 40hr a week job, I was working 80 to 100 hours a week while going through these treatments. We made it through the treatments, finishing on 9-15-03. Our Dr. ordered a CT scan on 10-1-03 a few days later on a Monday we went to see the Dr., he has been shocked to see the tumor that was in the right lung is gone, and he told us they don't see these kind of results. We know that it was Jesus. He then tells us that surgery is the next step, and sets up an appointment for us to see a surgeon. We then proceed to see the surgeon that cancer Dr. recommends. I have to insert that I have not quit smoking as of yet at this stage. Talking with surgeon, he asks about smoking and if I had quit yet, told him no. He said, you don't have to quit before the surgery, but he would like for me to cut down, I had been doing that anyway. Morning of 29 October 03, went to hospital for surgery. Laying on gurney in operating room, Dr. walks in, we do the normal nicetys, and he asks did you quit smoking?, and being as helpful as I can I said: Yes sir., he asks when and I had to tell him this morning. Everyone in the operating room had a good laugh. I have been cigarett free since 29 October. The surgery was a sucess. When the surgeon went in, all of the xrays showed the tumor was on the lower lobe. When he got in there, he found the tumor to be on the lower 2 sections of the upper lobe, and that is what he removed. Had to spend some time in CCU, but doing well. I tried to return to work, light duty, around Thanksgiving, but after a while I start to run a low grade temp, and our doctors tell us don't worry about it, all the while taking anitbiotics. Well don't seem to be getting better, still running low grade temp, this went on for weeks, finally on 12-12-03 my temp goes to almost 103 called Dr. and he had me admitted to hospital, start intervenous antibiotics around the clock, Dr's. still will not listento wife or I. Finally on the 23 Dec. Dr. orders a CT scan that day, and a broncoscopy for the 24th. Morning of the 24th we are all set up to do the broncoscopy and the Dr. hasn't shown up yet. About 45 minutes after we were to do the broncoscopy Dr. finally shows up, and he tells us he was looking at the CT scan, and there was no need to do the broncoscopy as the infection that we had been fighting for better than a month had destroyed the lower lobe on the left side. He then proceeded to tell us that it had to come out. The only thing I could ask, was when? He got with the same surgeon that performed the first surgery and we got it set up for the day after Christmas 03. That morning we went into surgery for 4.5 hours, when the first one was only 3.5 hours, and this time my wife was alone waiting for the surgery to be done, and our enemy the devil worked on her all the while I was in surgery. Came through this better than I did the first surgery. Went home in 4 days. I thank my God and Jesus that I have not had to be on oxygen. On the 19th of January 04 I returned to work, lite duty, for a while and then back to running as hard as is necessary. 2-18-04 CT scan show that I am still cancer free. Drs. want to do 4 rounds of prevenative chemo and some radiation. Have finished the chemo which was, 1 a week for 3 weeks and 1 week off, and repeating for 4 rounds, during that time, also had 21 radiation treatments, 10and 3 weeks off, 10 and 3weeks off, then 1 and I have been experienceing shortness of breath, so we stoped the radiation. We are still trying to get a handle on the shortness of breath, but I still know that Jesus died for my sins and my healing, and I WILL return to as normal as what lung capicity will allow me, thanks to the Lord. As my title of this reads, this definatley is not the road that my wife or I would have chose, but through all of the trials that we have been through, Our Lord has meet every need that has arose, there is so much more that could be added to this in how the Lord has meet every need that we had, spirtually, physically, emotionally, moneywise and just being there for us. We have His word written on note paper all over the house, His word about healing and how much he Loves us, and it is written on our hearts. I hope that this will be of assurance to many of His Love for us. Also, as I mentioned 3 things can happen; You can Be devinely healed Be healed through the doctors Go to be with the Father You win, you win, you win Respectfully to all, In Jesus Pip
  10. Hello all. My name is Pip, I live in Midland,TX. I have survived because of the mercy of God. I don't really know what to put in this, so I'll make it short. If I'm not mistaken there is another forum to tell my story. My youngest daughters boyfriend suggested I search the net, as I am having some small problems which I hope I can draw from others to help find a solution. Jesus Love to all Pip
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