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My fathers story

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It was very hard doing my mothers story so I waited awhile to add my fathers story. This is the story of my father John Antisdel: My dad was a true hero to me. My dad was a ww2 vet and in the 50's he was diagnosed with polio and was not exspected to survive. Dad beat those odds and did survive but at a cost. The polio left him paralized from the waist down and in a wheelchair. My dad never felt sorry for himself or ever questioned why him. He did not let the polio rule his life having three children prior to the polio and having two more after. He worked as a statistician for a large law firm for 22 years and had not missed 1 day of work prior to his cancer being diagnosed. In Nov. 1982 dad went for a routine dental cleaning and the dentist noticed a black spot on his tounge.This was tested and found to be cancer after being checked further cancer was also found in his throat. In Dec. 1982 dad had surgery that removed part of his tounge and throat surgery. Dad was given no chemo or radiation and told they felt they got all the cancer. In Jan. 1983 he was back to work and his second grandchild Sam was born. Then following the third grandchild Brian in Feb. 1983 brother to his oldest grandchild Jamie born July 1981. Then in April 1983 another grandchild my first born Keith. My dad was so proud of his grandchildren and got a kick out of having three with in three months of each other. All seem to be going ok and dad seemed to be doing good. In Sept. 1983 dad came home from work feeling under the weather this was on a Friday. On Monday he was going to go back to work against my mothers wishes. Dad was blueish in color and not looking well so mom called my brother John who is a RN to convince dad into going to the doctors. The doctor sent him straight to ER. After x-rays the doctor felt it was just a really bad case of pneumonia { spelling ??}. When dad was not getting better and more x-rays done we were told it was lung cancer. Dad passed away in the hospital on Nov. 11, 1983 after entering the hospital in Sept. 1983 he never got to come home again. I was so thankful he was able to see four of his nine grandchildren born for the braught him so much joy and happiness. Following his passing he had a granddaughter Kelly born in May 1986,{ my second child} Kevin June 1988 { my third } Katie Dec.90 { my fourth } Billy in August 91 { my sisters 2nd } and Arthur in Sept. 94

{ my brother Arts first} and his first great granddaughter Veronica July 2000. I keep my dad alive in stories to my children. I know my dad and mom watches over us and remains with us all in spirit. My dad was only 58 when he passed away and had lost his own mother at the age of 7, faught in WW2 , had polio that left him in a wheelchair, lost a daughter Margie at 2 years old to liver disease, had kidney stone surgery and cancer. This amazing man never ever complained once ever. Since his death I have lost my mother and my brother Art and numerous other family members and friends and only wish I had 1/4 of the strength and courage my daddy had and he will forever be my hero. Haylee

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