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I guess this is kinda good news and bad news.

Things seemed to be going pretty well except platelets were down the last couple of months interrupting chemo on and off. Dr.s did a Mone Marrow Biopsy yesterday to see if it has gone to the bone, or he is just slow to recoup. Won't have those results until next week sometime. No Chemo again !!! :(

Now the little lump that was in Freds Thyroid seemed to just grow overnight, when we went to chemo yesterday it was so swollen, the Dr. really seemed concerned, so here we are back to getting radiation again, starting Monday. The Good news is yes it is treatable, and he has quite a bit of fight in him. Looks great and has been feeling better than in the last year. Just when we thought all was looking great.

We are looking so forward to Heathers Walk, I have him convinced he can still do the 5K !!!!!!!


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