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lost my voice...


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I know others have had this happen. I remember when David A lost his voice, he got some help from a speech therapist. Now others on here have had surgery and injections of teflon (I think its teflon!) and hopefully they will get on and give you some information. Good luck!

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My husband also lost his voice, this was in Sept. 2003, that was our frist and only symptom, because the turmor was on his left vocal cord nerve in the chest area, we had hoped it would come back from the chemo and radiation and it never did.

Then in April, we heard about something called the Montgomery procedure that a Ear Nose and Throat Dr. can do, it is a simple procedure they put in a little piece of plastic to close the vocal cord so it works again, the results are immediate, they also have the teflon shots to the area which only seem to work for a short time. The voice almost sounds the same, not something mechanical or anythng.

My husband has just lost his voice again this Friday, because the tumor has spread to the thyroid and windpipe area, he has been having the Mask made and getting aligned and marked, all this week for radiation to start next week, won't come soon enough for me.

I would really check it out with a ENT well worth it, my husband was so frustrated not being able to talk, it really changed things for the better for him. there was nothing worse for him than the phone ringing and people could not understand him when he answered it.

Good Luck


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hi schmaydee.i also lost my voice.the chord had been cut because in the process of taking my lung out, they had to cut one vocal chord.it was repaired by an eye ear and nose specialist. he installed a small collapseable box in my throat and implanted a piece of silicone which replaced my vocal chord.now it works just as good as my original.hope you look into it and good luck.

mini george

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