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I just wanted to say hi. I know it doesnt seem that I am around much, but I do read up on everyone when I can. My time is tight these days with my little one crawling fast (like lightning) and we are 2 weeks shy of moving back in the house (woo hoo).

Mom has been still very down. She has been pushing all her freinds away and they are all very upset and angry with her. I feel like telling mom 'your not dead yet so stop acting like it'. i have told her closest friends to just stop by the house and slap some silly into mom. Hopefully her closest friends can show her that there is still life to be lived.

My pop is going nuts. He doesnt know if he should wipe his elbow or scratch his butt. He started to see a therapist. I think its good. I also recomended that dad gets some more regular help around the house. someone to cook a little and help with a little house work.

I hope everyone is well and in good spirits! i am thinking of all of you.

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