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adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder

close to the edge

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why does it seam that if it can happen it happens to me

after my surgery in february i had alot of problems with pain management in particular i complained about muscle spasams in my shoulder,arm,back on the side of my surgery. well the pain management teams response was ohhhhhh thats so rare. well it happened to me and now 9 months latter i continue to have problems with my left shoulder. very limited motion and painful to this day. like a nagging ach but excrusiating pain if the shoulder or arm is moved the wrong way.

i went to an ortopedist specializing in shoulders

i hav been in rehab for 3 months now with little or no improvemetn

the PT thinks it is directly related to the surgery

now they want to give me pain injections before PT

if that dosent work they suggest surgery

the surgery basicly is your put under , they go in orthoscopicly to look around and make sure there are no problems and then force the shoulder where it wont go this sounds so painful the doc says its not

soooooo my question is has anyone else had a problem like this and how was it handled

thanks in advance for any feedback in advance


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I had and still have some problems with frozen shoulder. I went to a PT for two months. He said it only heals with time. It takes a year to 18 months. I could not raise my arm very high or reach behind me very well. Like to tuck my shirt in my pants.

He said some people still believe in having the procedure you spoke of. He feeling on that is it causes scaring and creates a situation for further problems.

He massaged and worked my shoulder to the point of near pain. It helped some, but it always went back to where it was again. He said not to push it to where it hurt.

It has gotten better. I also got it in my other shoulder, but not as bad. That one I did not push it until it hurt like I had done with the first one. Before the PT I would push against my elbow to push my sholder where it did want to go. The old no pain no gain. PT said this is one time not to think that way.

I had thought it might be my cancer. My first onc said that I would eventualy have shoulder problems with the tumor growing.

Good luck


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