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it's been a battle

Guest Tom2514

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Guest Tom2514

I just learned about this site yesterday. I already like it. I was diagnosed with lung cancer primary, Stage 4 in April 2002. Didn't know about it until the cancer spread to the brain and the tumor there started making me whacky. I had brain and lung surgery within three months of diagnosis. Add numerous rounds of chemo and radiation, then add adrenal gland surgery and Gamma Knife Surgery because the lung cancer wouldn't stop spreading. I also had a few lymph nodes radiated into oblivion because tumors were growing there too. The side effects to the medications as well as chemo drugs nearly destroyed me, but I kept fighting. After five surgeries, 60 radiation treatments and 20 chemotherapy treatments in 2 1/2 years, I was told I was in remission seven weeks ago. I'm knocking wood when I say that. I never went on disability, and only missed work when I had to go to the hospital. Oh yeah, I was 41 at the time and ran a busy newsroom. Now I'm 44. I wrote a book about all I went through, and it was released last month. I self-published it, so if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy for themselves or friends or family members, feel free to e-mail me at Cancerfighter60@aol.com, and I'll give you the information. The book is called "I Don't Have Time for This: My Battle with Cancer." That was my approach to the illness. My book is very uplifting. Anyone needing encouragement should read it. You can get a preview on Authorhouse.com, which is the company that helped me publish it. Type my last name "canavan" under author, and it will come right up. You can purchase it there, but if you'd like a signed copy, purchase it through me at cancerfighter60@aol.com. I hope to interact with all of you now that I have found this site.

Hope this meets the good news portion of the forum as well as telling you my story.

Best of luck to all of you.

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