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Husband is doing great. Lung mass still continues to shrink to lung, so they are continuing with the double dose of chemo (carbo & taxol) this will be his third. They are concerned about lymph node in neck that is very persistant and seems to be the only thing showing up in PET scan. They want to do 2 weeks of radiation on the node. I was wondering if anyone received this kind of treatment for lymph nodes? I would have thought that they would just take the node out.

DX 07/29/04 non-small cell adenocarcinoma 3B- Right lung mass 3cm. August 04(taxol and carbo) 6 treatments one a week

August 04 radiation 6 weeks every day

September Partial remission

October 04- double dose of carbo & taxol every 3 weeks

December 04 start radiation on neck lymph node

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While I'm obviously no expert, they may want to do radiation in the general area of the lymph node with the thought that there might be other, invisible, cells lurking there. The principle being, where there's one, there's apt to be others. Len had a lobectomy during which they took out a bunch of lymph nodes for inspection, one of which did turn out to be malignant. So after chemo this summer, he underwent radiation this fall in the same area where that node came from to zap any others that might be there.


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