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Kids Are Smarter Then We Think


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I received a call from AT&T a while back. It was bad enough that she interupted my supper, but when I tried to tell her that I was not interested she continued to ask WHY. She then ask me if I didn't like to save money and how AT&T was the best deal.

By this time my supper was getting cold. I told her nicely that YES I liked to save money. Once again she told me how AT&T was the best deal and that I could save money.

My reply to this was, " Mam I like to save money and that is why I am not interested." Once again She ask "why not."

My reply to this was, Mam I don't even have a phone. I then hung up on her.

As I hung the phone up my grand-daughter said, "Papaw you told the lady that you were talking to on the phone that you didn't have a phone."

Humm...wonder how many people this poor lady calls that does not have a phone. :roll:

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