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My dad


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My dad just came home from the hospital yesterday after being in there for about 12 days. The doctors figured he had a lung infection due to the radiation he had back in november. He is at home now with an oxygen machine and last night when he went upstairs to bed he was out of breathe! This is very scary. He goes for a CAT scan next week. He has finished 6 rounds of chemo in Feb. He's had x-rays taken while he was in the hospital and the last one showed that everything was stable. I know that x-rays don't show a whole lot but can anyone tell me if they have gone through this and how long it took to recover? My dad also has a cough. It usually starts when he starts talking or eating. He doesn't have that much of an appetite either. Oh, the doctor also said there was a bit of a pleural effusion that showed on the x-ray.

Your experiences shared would be greatly appreciated!!!


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