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I received the results from my CT Scan yesterday that shows all tumors stable, no significant shrinkage or progression, praise God. The doctor suggested another weekly series (6) of Topotecan starting next week. Can anyone share their experiences with Topotecan? So far hair is growing back, no bone pain, minimal side effects, but no shrinkage.

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Dave just started topotecan, I think this week was his second treatment. He had some nausea yesterday but nothing terrible. His first treatment, he also had zometa, an IV drug for bone growth, and he had awful bone pain for a week after that, and that was a side effect of the zometa we found out. he hasn't had that this time, but he's also taking oxycontin this time.

Dave's first chemo was carboplatin and VP-16 and that seemed to work well, he was in remission for just about a year, although it did come back . . . have you tried that?

have you had a PET scan or a bone scan?



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Thanks Karen and all for your responses. My initial 2 treatments were carboplatin and etoposide. Favorable response (shrinkage) in lymph nodes and lung but liver enzymes went extremely high. Doctor changed treament to taxol based on liver functions. I have always wondered which chemo caused the liver enzyme issue vs the tumor shrinkage.

Bone scan done about 4 weeks ago- all clear.

No PET Scan.

God Bless,


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