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Dad's Story


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My dad, 51, was diagnosed last may with stage iv lung cancer. His symptoms first started as a cough and his Respirologist told him it was pneumonia. When it did not clear up with antibiotics they said it was a benign tumor and we were referred to a thoracic surgeon. After a battery of tests that went on all summer he was diagnosed with stage iv nsclc that spread to the adrenal gland. After being on chemo (a combination of gemcitabine and cisplatin) for 2 rounds they found tumors in his brain. They radiated and switched him to a new chemo (taxetier). He has been on it since and his lung tumor is stable. However, the cancer spread to the bones (spine, rib, arm). Radiation was done in these places to alleviate pain. Although the xray of the chest looked stable he is still in a lot of pain and has been vomiting. The doctor ordered another mri of the brain and pelvis. We are waiting on results. Lately, he has been very depressed. I am the oldest of 3 kids, 22, 20, and 15 and my mother, (his wife of 27 years) are all working very hard to keep him positive!! we have a very supportive family (extended as well) which really helps and this site is great!!!! I also got engaged 2 months ago and the wedding is in June, this is also giving him something to look foward to:)

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