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Thank you for your support this week


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My moms appointment was today and we really dont know much more. She has to go in for another biopsy of her liver and some kind of test to check her bones again.. Not sure really what is going on, but I will talk to my dad tonight and hopefully I will get more out of him. She is being kind of quiet about it cause she doesnt want to upset any of us, which I guess I understand but I was always they one she talked to about everything, so Im not sure how to feel about being on the outside..I wish I would have been able to go to the apointment with them, I am hoping to convince tehm to let me go to the next one..

I am praying that by wanting to recheck her bones it doesnt mean that it spread to there. My pap had prostate cancer that spread to his bones and it was horrible. I dont want her to go through that..

I will update you all when I know more.. Thank you all for your support and prayers, I know I am very new to this site but I can already see how supportive everyone is of each other and I know I will be needing it.

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Hi Kimberley

Sorry to hear that things are still kind of up in the air. It's a really frustrating time in the beginning, but I am sure you will all feel better once you know what's going on and have a treatment plan in place.

Thinking of you all.


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