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Hi Guys,

Well, my house came back contaminated for Radon. I checked w/ a number of physicians including our ask the experts and yes, Radon is a contibutor to sclc. Add smoking and you have quite a mess. I never knew this.

Please get your homes checked. It doesn't matter for us-too late, but if others live in your home they are at risk. Sometimes significant risk.

For example, my husband quit a heavy smoking habit at 40. He is 55 and his randon/smoking combo risk remains the same for 20 years.

Well, I add this-radon, the asbestos exposure 8 years ago, the teenage repair shop chemical exposure and smoking on top of it etc.....

Too many people on this board are VERY young for lc/sclc if you havnt noticed. Something is up. I suspect its radon.

When I saw a surgeon for a consult w/ I first got dx w/ lc, but didnt know what type yet, he had 3 young patients (40's) all from the same subdivision in the same year w/ lc. He had them all check and they were all off the charts for radon.

Food for thought.


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I answered this up in SCLC. A home's water system needs to be checked too. Sometimes the home can be airtight...no radon...and yet there is still radon in the water supply. We are on a well. Every day that I shower that steam in the shower contains some radon gas which gets breathed in!

You can have a carbon alleviation system installed to remove MOST of the radon in the water...but it doens't remove all of it.

Testing the water is not terribly expensive. See more info up in SCLC.

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