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CanCell / Entelev

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Yesterday I was at the dentist office. I mentioned to the woman who was scheduling the follow-up visits that I have to coordinate them with my wife's chemotherapy sessions. At that point she asked me if we're open to any kind of alternative therapies. I told her we're pretty skeptical about alternative therapies but that we're open to any kind of information. She directed me to check out the Protocel web site for information about CanCell products. She told me a couple of personal anecdotes involving successful treatment using these products.

Well, I went to the web-site to see what it has to offer. I also went to the Quackwatch page, as well as the site of the National Center Against Health Fraud. After reading the information at these sites I concluded that CanCell / Entelev is a variation on the old Snake Oil spiel that has been a long standing feature of health care in America.

But, being a skeptic and not a cynic I don't regard my opinion as the final word. Has anyone in the community had any experience, either good or bad with CanCell or Entelev?

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