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Researching the next step


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So, I know it's good to try to stay ahead of things in this game... We haven't even done scans yet to see what Mr. Alimta is doing for Mom, but want to get started on 'what might come next' anyway.

How do I do that? How do I find out what the next line of treatment might be? Do things usually go in a certain order?

I'm clueless guys and have been overwhelmed enough to not make myself sit down and figure it out.

With Cisplatin/Gemzar used first and then Alimta... what might come next? What should I be looking into?

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it seems we are in a similar situation. we are not sure where to go becuase so many treatments have no worked. we are now on iressa but seeing that it is similar to tarceva we are not sure how its going to work. we are also interested in getting my father into clinical trials but it seems difficult becuase he has brain mets. with regards to your question we do lots of reserach on the internet, and on this site and continue to ask our docs numerous questions. goood luck!!

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