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When do we take precautionary measures?


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A question that I have been thinking about quite often is when should we start having x-rays, etc. done to try a detect early LC if it is in the family already? My mom diagnosed at 45 yrs. old, ex-smoker and myself 24 yrs. of age and ex-smoker as well. Should I be taking precautionary measures and if so whe should I start. Any advice much appreciated of course. Just something I have been thinking about.


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My dad had it, so I guess it runs in my family now too. I am an ex-smoker and after my dad was dx. I had a complete physical with xrays.

I have xrays every year and if I ever develop any respiratory problems, my doctor will send me for a CT.

I think early detection is essential. There's no ryme or reason or fixed pattern as to who will develop LC or not, but with two strikes against me (my dad was dx. with it, and I am an ex-smoker) I try to be as preemptive as I can.

Also, with much that I have learned from the medical profession and from medical publications, I have changed my diet alot, added antioxidents, lots of water, deep breathing and specific vitamins.

I'm doing all the things I should have been doing all along, only now I am more conscious of the importance of what goes in my body and how important it is to take care of me.

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