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Nookie Green !!


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A priest is hearing confession's and a young man come's in and say's Father Bless me for i have sinned" Father i had sex with Nookie Green"..

The Priest give's him absolution and the young man leave's.....

Pretty soon another man come's in to confession and tell's the priest he too had committed adultry and had sex with Nookie Green. The Priest is now very concerned but give's the man his penance and absolution....

Sunday at Mass a very outstanding beautiful woman dressed all in green and wearing green shoe's come's in the Church and set's in the front pew's with her leg's slightly apart.The Priest could not help but notice her and he asked the altar boy " is that Nookie Green?? The altar boy look's at the Priest with a embarrased grin and say's no Father i think that's the reflection off her shoe's.....

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