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A Great Gift for Cancer Patients


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First let me say that this is not a advertisement for anyone just a idea that I had for Christmas.

I am always running short of breath, and sometimes it seems I can almost smell the dust in the air. My wife and I sat down on the computer and did some research on Air Purifiers. Here's what we came up with.

1. EcoQuest offers a purifier that will cover a 3,000 square foot home. It does some really neat things for the air in your home to breath better. They can be reached at cole@FreePoint.com for more info and they will send a free dvd explaining the positive product information. Toll free number is


2. Oreck. They have a somewhat similiar purifier but works in a different method. They can be reach at www.oreck.com. It will cover 900 square feet.

Toll free number 800-289-5888.

Both companies offer up to 90 day free in home use or your money back.

I liked both ideas so much that my wife and I just got both of them and wow what a difference it makes. Finally fresh air in the house without opening windows allowing dust in and the peace of mind that we are helping our lungs.

I am placing this here because I think it will help us to relax and breath better while we are going through all this. And what a great Christmas gift this could be for your parents, a friend or for yourself.

Give it some thought and until next time God Bless all of you, have nothing but great holidays and remember, With God, all things are possible.

Don :wink:

PS We even had our carpet shampooed for that great deal of 2 rooms for 29.95 and then end up spending 160. Geezzzzz But the house smells great.

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