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On Losing A Spouse...


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Here are some Lyrics to A song from a friend of Mine who lost a his soul mate and beautiful wife to cancer.....5 years ago... On rebuilding and restoring for now...

God Bless you Dean and all those who have lost thier spouse... my heart goes out to you...

Staring at a room that still reminds me,

I wasn't ready for the Lord to take her home yet,

Starting on my own with every breath i'm getting stronger,

This is not a time for regrets..

And I don't need to hang on to heartaches, Lord Jesus

When theres so much life Left to live,

Loves on the way on Wings Of Angels...

I am not afraid of the mysteries of tomorrow

Cause I have found a faith deep within

Theres a promise I have made

The Lord will lead and I will follow...

I know its true... God will see me through

Love is on the way.. Time is turning the pages....

I don't know when... but love will find me again...!!! Oh Yeah My lord!

Oh .. Oh .. My savior

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In the August issue of Biography magazine there's a short two-page article on Paul McCartney. In a side panel, where you would expect to see the ad for Verizon or Zocor, there's a quotation from McCartney:

"I still believe that love is all you need. I don't know a better message than that"

The full significance of this simple thought occurs to me now far more than it did when I first heard that song. When love is gone, you become very aware of how important it is in one's life.

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