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Mom makes documentary so others won't suffer her fate

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My uncle forwarded this to my dad and my dad to me. It is a very interesting documentary.

SUPERIOR - Susan Dewitt enjoys reading stories to her youngest child. But the story her two older children are telling is deeply personal.

Dewitt, 42, of Superior, was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer nearly two years ago. She smoked when she was in high school, then quit. The cancer has now spread to her brain.

She decided to produce a documentary film, with her children as the stars. Speaking directly into the camera they tell their story, and urge their peers to stop or never start smoking.

She got the idea one day at the mall, when she saw a group of teenagers smoking.

"So I said to the teens, what if you saw a documentary with your peers talking about lung cancer and what it has done to them, would that change your mind about smoking?"

All of the teens said yes and encouraged her to pursue the project.

She hopes the film will be shown to middle school and high school students in Colorado.

You can watch the entire documentary by clicking the link on this page.

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