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My third time around


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Hi this is Von.

Married 1952

1 daughter in 1964

1990 Cervix Biopsy=ok

1993 Breast Biopsy=Calciflestion

Nose Biopsy =Pre.Cancer

Went on Oxygen 2000

Lung Biopsy = Cancer non sm. cell Carcinoma stage 4

In situ can not do Surgery have COPD-2001

Had 33 days Radiation 2001

All ct scans Chest not changed still Stable 2003

Lesion on rt. Oropharynx of throat=Cancer 2003

Squamous cell Carinoma stage 1 in situ

Had 35 days Radiation 2003

2005 ct scans Lungs Stable Throat no Mass.

Missing ?? Left Thyroid Lobe I did have one

My throat Cancer is Back 2006

They have me trying (Accutane)it seems to work on some Cancers Keep your fingers crossed.

Thats about it i love to quilt& sew & vist my 2 grandaughts. Thanks for your Time Von

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Wow, Von! You are definitely the epitome of a SURVIVOR! You had a lot of strikes and you've come through, splendidly! I will share your story, with my mom, who has been recently diagnosed! You are quite an inspiration and it sounds like you are going to be around, for a long time! Best Wishes, Jodi

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