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Your survivor stories


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Hey everyone,

The band event is drawing near and I am so scared that I am missing something.

The deadline for the performing groups is today!! I have had a great response. The donations keep coming in (monetary and material). At this point, we have raised $3000.00. But, it is still early and we have gifts coming in everyday. Not to mention, all of the gifts that have been donated. Or the donations sent via the website. Thanks to all.

I am printing all of the survivor stories and pictures on beautiful stationary thatt resembles "heavan,clouds and peacefulness). All of the stories will be displayed on decorated music stands with big white ribbons. We will have all of the stories strategically located, so they will be read by the students. We will have professional an/or college level instrumental performers in the hallways so there will be music everywhere to hopefully highlight the area the stories are located. (lined up a celtic harpist, guitarist, string quartet, wind and brass soloists)-many will most likely be coming from the University of Memphis.

These are the latest updates. If you still are interested in having your story posted, please let me know. These are the stories I have at this time.

Dave's story

Cathy's story

Beth's story

Crd. Tarowski's story

Heather's story and picture

Jim's story

Kim and Mike's story

Mandy's story

Ry's story

My New Normal's story

Starr's story

Brian Osberg's story and picture

Donna G's story

Jacquie's story

Laurianne's story and picture

Mark's story

Connie's story

Gail's story

Jeffrey and Trish's story

Kasey's story and picture

Lucie's story

Melanie's story

Rich's story

Sharon's story and picture

This is what I have---

*If I have forgetten your name or picture, please notify me adn I will fix it. I sincerely apologize if this is the case.

*If you don't see your story and would like for us to use it, let me know. I would be very grateful.

*If you see your story listed and don't want me to use it please let me know and I will honor your wishes.

*If you would like to add pictures, please let me know where I can get those.

Thanks everyone and God Bless!!!!



I hope you are not finding my updates bothersome. I certainly don't want to upset anyone. Please let me know if this is the case. My purpose of the updates is to let you know what's going on and so I can keep all of my "ducks in a row".

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