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An old man goes to the doctor because he is so frail he can barely walk. The doc gives him a good check up then his advice.

About 3 months later the doctor and his wife are having a night out at a local nighclub when the doctor spots the old man. He is dancing and loving up on a beautiful young woman. The doctor decided that he just had to find out what had happened to make the old man so well and spry.

He approaced the man and asked"what have you been doing? You look great. The last time I saw you you could barely walk"

The old man replied " Just following your advice doc."

"What advice is that?" the doc asked

"Get a hot mama and be cheerfull"

Oh no said the doctor "I didn't tell you that. I said "you have a heart murmer be carefull"

I don't know about you but I think his own idea worked the best :!:

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