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breatheDEEP goes global - Roadtrip report #4


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Road Trip to Kanchanaburi, Thailand, to see the Tiger Temple.

The first pic is actually at dinner the night before we went to the temple. We are at an open-air resteraunt, and a guy walks by with an elephant. He was selling bunches of Bananas to feed to the little guy. Of course we had to...

The tiger temple was organized by a Buddhist monk to rescue orphaned tigers. It is Kanchanaburi, Thailand, about two hours drive Northwest of Bangkok. I hired Napha's brother-in-law who is a Taxi driver for the day to drive us there. Her older sister, son and nephew accompany us. Her daughter would like to come, but has to work.

My first pictures this morning did not come out well. I took a picture of all of us getting ready to go, but the picture came out fogged. I later found that this is because of the temperature and humidity difference between the air conditioned hotel, and the outside. After 30 minutes or so, my camera was fine.

We started about 10 am, and headed for Kanchanaburi. On the way we stopped for lunch at a small place catering to Thais. Lunch for all of us was less than $8.00.

The monks have actually turned this temple into kind of a game preserve. There are all kinds of animals all over. The tigers sleep in cages when they arent terrifying tourists.

The first thing the monks do is walk a tiger to a small canyon about 1/2 kilometer away. During the walk the monk invites tourists to walk with him and pat the tiger While they walk. The tourists are kept a ways behind, and the monk calls each person up who looks interested. His assistant takes the pictures.

The canyon is like an oven. It is probably 100 degrees and 100% humidity. There is not one breath of wind to give any relief from the heat. There are a total of about 10 tigers in the small canyon. None are restrained in any way or drugged. I assume the assistants took the other ones to the canyon from the living area. The people in the bright blue shirts are the assistants. They are mostly Thais and Australians.

It was pretty fun, if quite hot and a little bit scary.

Regards from the Road,


See www.tigertemple.com. There is a button on the left for an english version.

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