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Question about Taxotere after carbo/taxol treatment


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Does anyone have experience with taxotere (I hope I'm spelling that right)? My mother had 2 rounds of taxol/carbo which left her horribly ill and hospitalized. The doctor wants to start taxotere on Monday, and he said it will make her weaker and her current side effects worse. She is already so weak, she can't get off the toilet by herself or out of bed. She has neuropathy in her hands and feet and can't write her name, and her vision is so blurred, she can't read. We are trying to decide if we should tell him to go ahead or if we should wait until she regains some strength. She has eaten twice in 2 months, and is being fed via IV.

Has anyone else been through this type of treatment? Any info you can share to help us with this decision would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Terre,

Sorry to hear that your Mom is having such a difficult time. I started chemo treatments with taxol/carbo and an experimental drug tirapazamine. Was taken off the experimental drug because of allergic reaction after two treatments and was changed from taxol to taxotere after my third treatment because I developed rather severe neuropathy. I had six session (3 weeks apart) and did have a difficult time with neuropathy, joint pain and fatigue, but was all right other than those side effects.

I think everyone is different in his/her reaction to the drugs. I found the pre-drugs totally kept me from being nauseated or having diarrhea. I am 10 months from my last chemo treatment and I still have traces of neuropathy, but nothing I can't deal with. They will be doing your Mom's blood work before any further chemo treatment and won't proceed if results show she can't, but you and she will have to decide if the risk feels too great.

I pray for you to have strength to stay clear and focused for your decision making. Ask all the questions you need answered and keep your hope alive.

By the way, I lived most of my adult life in Nevada (and actually retired from State employment and moved from Las Vegas in 1995).



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Thank you so much, Margaret. I actually work for the state and have lived here since 1979, with 4 years off for good behavior (just kidding...my former company transferred me to San Fran then to Houston then back to Vegas). Your information was very helpful and my prayers and thoughts are with you.


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