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What happens next?

Guest Sally

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Hi, my brother finished his first "course" of chemo in July (4 rounds of chemo every 3 weeks) and is going for a check-up at the hospital in October.

What is likely to happen next? I thought that he may get radiation treatment but, after reading some of the messages, this seems only to be the case if you are in pain.

Any ideas? Will the doctors give him more chemo down the line? Any advice would be great.

Thanks! :D

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Hi Sally,

I am glad your brother is feeling good! As far as radiation, my mom received it to help aid in the shrinkage of her tumors in addition to the chemotherapy. She wasn't feeling any pain. They thought this was the most aggressive approach since she is unable to have surgery. As far as more chemo down the road, I am not sure. I know that my mom will be getting a break and then receiving more until she goes into remission. I hope this helps. Take care.

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