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Newly Diagnosed

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Hi Eileen, The Radiologist reading the scan could tenatively tell what the mass is by the shape of it's borders and the density of the mass on the scan.

Cancerous masses look differant than benign masses on scans. But there definately are exceptions so it is great that you are having it removed so that the pathologists can study it and give you a definative diagnosis.

I had a mass on my pleural cavity removed along w/ my upper right lobe and a bunch of ribs 10 weeks ago and am now cancer free. I am getting chemo at the moment as "insurance".

When the surgeon had initially biopsied my tumor it did not show any cancer cells because the cells he had taken out to be tested had alot of dead cells in it which is hard to read but it 'looked' cancerous so I had it removed and tested. The mass was cancerous so obviously I am glad it was removed.

I will be thinking of you and praying for you on the 10th. Please keep us updated w/ your progress!! Lee. (my name is Eileen also, Lee is my nickname).

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Hi Lee and thanks for your post! I'm so glad you are doing as well as you are. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers on the 10th...it all helps.

Eileen (a couple of my friends call me Lee too!)

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