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Quote from Dr. LaGrand that says it all


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I just finished reading another book by Dr. Louis LaGrand. He is a grief cousilor who also has done a prolonged study of After Death Communications. Near the end of this book "Messages and Miracles" he says something that really tells it like it is. He says we can accept ADC's as a gift to promote healing but they can not take the place of grief work. The quote that really hits home with me is what he says about grief or maybe the purpose of grief.

He says "Mourning the death of a loved one demands that we learn new ways to deal with a world that has changed, to appreciate and cherish the gifts the life of the deceased has presented and to intergrate the relationship into a new world."

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Hi Lillyjohn,

I like the quote. I heard another quote in a movie where one character tells the other to think about the person's life and not their death. But I think the ability to do that comes somewhere way down the road. Usually, I feel a spiritual blending with my mom then other days the loss is overwhelming. But I know mom would want us to think about all the things she loved to do and enjoyed and not about her in terms of hospitals, illness, procedures, etc. She just wouldn't want that. So knowing this gets me through the really hard days.

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