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I believe that some loves are so special that we can only be allowed a short time to be with the one we love. The intensity is so strong that it overshadows everything else. There is an old song that often makes me think of mine and Johnny's relationship. I'm sure it would fit Carleen and Kieth and many more here who have lost their soul mate.

The gods were angry with me

The gods were angry at me for loving you

The gods were angry with me what could I do?

I stood at Heavens portal and that was too high

For any mortal such as I

So they took down the sun the skies were grey

Then the howling winds took you away

And there was nothing I could do for I could see

It was because the gods were angry with me

There was a time when our love was new and we were so happy

Then the sun, the moon and the stars looked down

And saw me here with you and sent my dream world crashing to the ground

There was nothing I could do because I knew

It was because the gods were angry with me.

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