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Bengel, A Question


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Hi Bud,

Were your lungs completely clear when you had PCI? Reason I ask is I am having PCI, had my 3rd of 10 today.

My gp gave me a copy of the scan report and there is still a node that is affected in my right lung.

His opinion of it is not nearly as optimistic as the radiation oncologists. Needless to say I'm worried.

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Hi Newbie,

I'm unclear about the initials PCI? Yes, my lungs were clear. That is what baffled my primary care doctor because I had been under his care for 20 years. It was only after the chest x-ray at the ER that they discovered the tumor. It was 2cm. After chemo and radiation it had shrunk to 1 cm. My onocologist was pleased. I then had surgery to remove the middle lobe of my right lung. They found no cancer in any lunph nodes. Since then all of my scans and chest x-rays have been "clean".

I hope this helps, remember our hope is in the Lord.


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