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Radiation Pneumonitis


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Was wondering if anybody out there has had or still has this condition. My mother has been suffering from it since last June and the inflamation has not gone down. She has been taking Prednisone steadily and has recently been put on oxygen. She has never had asthma and is a non-smoker. Some days she needs oxygen just to go from one room in the house to another...other days she can go for a walk (not long but farther than 10 feet). Out of all of her problems this along with fatigue are the ones that bother her the most.

If anybody has any ideas on what helps, what doesn't it would be appreciated. She is currently on a palliative form of chemo called Navelbine and on Zometa for her bone mets. We are awaiting PET/CT scan results to see if they are going to continue or stop all treatment (with the exception of pain mgmt)

Thanks and God Bless,


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I believe Lisa is experienceing this at the moment.

Symptoms of acute radiation pneumonitis develop 1-6 months after completion of therapy. Symptoms can include dyspnea (SOB), cronic dry cough with sometimes a pinkish-tinged sputum, and low grade fever. This is caused by injury to capillary endothelial and epithelial cells; that's where the inflamation and bleeding come from. She has all of these at the moment except the low grade fever. She is currently tapering down from the steroids this week at Prenisone 5mg/day. I put her in the hospital last week because of the bleeding and all they did was give her large doses if IV steroids and antibiotics and that stopped the bleeding but it started again as soon as she got home. It's not continuous, just short bursts a couple of times a day. The Onc. has seen it before and is not concered. The Oncs don't seem to have anything else to offer. I have read that this is a dynamic process which leads to pulmonary fibrosis when symptoms should decrease but some permanent damage is caused to the lung tissue. In alternative circles it has been reported that certain antioxidants can reversed the damage if given during and after the trauma and that is what Lisa takes is continuous doses of isotonic and liquid antioxidant suppliments. What symptoms do you have?

Take care of yourself - happily - Chuck

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I am hoping that my mother has not progressed to fibrosis but that is what I fear as it has been well over a year and her breathing has gotten worse and doing small things exhaust her. It seems that days of heat and humidity are her worse.

Will find out more tomorrow at her next appt.

Thanks for your help.


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