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It is often said that we all have our appointed time to die. We have often had the discusion here about only God knowing when each person's time will be. This last week I got a very good example of that.

I spent 4 days caring for a lady I cared for last year while her daughter was gone. She is 102 now. I noticed a little more weakness and once in a while she had to stop because she was losing her balance. She still takes her own shower alone with no help thank you. She is just amazing. Still when she would go down for a nap I found myself checking to make sure she was breathing if she stayed down too long. She made it through the week fine.

Yesterday morning just before leaving for work a rescue truch came to my neighbor's house. I had to leave for work and just made it because a fire truck was blocking off the road. That is the only place they can land a chopper here because the mountains are so near and steep. I knew then it was serious but didn't find out until I got home last night that my neighbor a very sweet man didn't make it. He died of kidney failure. He was 44 years old.

That is irony and it sure proves that only God knows who and when someone will leave this earth. Lillian

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