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Update on my Dad

Guest migizicny

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Guest migizicny

Well on July 31 my Dad had a left pneumonectomy. Did well. Recovered well. Still had nagging low back pain. Scheduled to begin carbo/taxol on Aug. 31. 1st chemo cancelled as MD wanted bone scan due to back pain. Pain meds have increased consistantly since surgey. Now we find out he has bone mets to sacral and rt iliac wing also 5th rib. Icing on the cake...he goes Wednesday for a liver biopsy.

My heart is breaking. As an onc nurse, I have a feeling what is in store for him. I can't bear the thought of losing him or him being in pain.

What I would love from you all are encouraging stories. Has anyone faced all of this? What route did you take? Does anyone have any feedback on the Cancer Centers of America? Help please.


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