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My father's fight


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Hi everyone,

My dad was diagnosed with NSCLC on June 23rd. He had a spinal compression to remove mestasis to the spine and has had a difficult time walking ever since....not to mention being so weak from chemo. He has been hospitalized with pnemonia and now dehydration and he just seems so weak and sick to me. He seems like he is just wasting away.

Are there any people out there who have gone through this and came out back on their feet? I'm sure there are. I need to hear some stories of hitting rock bottom and slowly gaining back strength and spirit. I would just like to read some of these stories to him.

Any words of wisdom would help.


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Yes, there are many stories of people hitting bottom and coming back to feel well again. Make sure he is eating and getting plenty of fluids. Pneumonia takes a lot out of you all by itself, then with cancer-- it just takes time.

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My wife, who had Stage IV NSCLC, had a rough first year, including bouts of staph infection and bilateral pneumonia. After that, she lived a reasonably good life for 3 more years. There were things she could not do, but many things she could. She could bathe and dress herself, go out to dinner, attend events. It was well worth it. And she helped so many people on the way. Don

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