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Guest elliko shutt

Hi my name is Elliko Shutt. I have written on this web before but not for two months or so. My mother who was given three to six months in Jan. is on oxygen and gets extremely short of breath. I have by now accepted her situation but sometimes i still pray for a miracle. I just want to hear from others who are also in the same situation. Thanks

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My dad has sclc, extensive lung cancer. It was (and still is) very hard for me to deal with. In the beginning I filled my days with researching information and treatment options on the internet. My dad was also given 6 mos. (6-9mos.) But I have NEVER accepted that and he has done very well considering. He has surprised all of the people at the cancer center and he is fighting with all he has. He is giving all he's got.

I try to find out all I can about L/C so that I can be my dad's advocate and help him in this battle. Parents sometimes don't ask, don't question, don't research, etc... We have up days and down days. In the beginning (6 months ago) it was all BAD days for the longest time with his condition and with the first chemo. He almost died in December. This group helped me through and gave me hope that there ARE survivors out here! These folks are my "family" and we were brought together by something horrible and bound by a beautiful love and support for each other. We want to see each other (and you and your family) survive this disease!

These days I have learned to take things one day at a time. I have an emotional break about every 5-6 weeks, it's all so overwhelming sometimes. But the one thing that has always been certain is my love and support for my dad. Whatever else changes good or bad, that is my rock and that stays the same. One day at a time. I am treasuring all our good times, all the small things, each and every second. It's not over for us, it's still the beginning and I am hoping this journey is very long and the road less bumpy ahead. I hope this for you and your family. There are options out there. Keep informed. Find a great doctor,no matter how many you may need to go thru. Let the medical professionals know that you will keep on top of things and expect nothing but the best care for your mom. You are what she needs. Your support and your strength and your love.

Yesterday we all went to the park. Dad too! He walked around a bit and had a big lunch and watched my husband and 5 yr. old play football. Then I pushed him on the bike path in his wheel chair and he enjoyed the beautiful day. Today I took him to walmart and he walked from the car inside and rode on a lark! He sped around the store shopping for groceries. He'd give a little smile and pull a 360 in an isle. (He's getting pretty good on that lark!) Then he misjudged and crashed into some cans of beans. I was cracking up and he laughed too. It was a great day. Something that silly and simple. Hey, I'll remember it for the rest of my life.

He only has the strength to walk for short distances, He rarely leaves the house and walks from the bedroom to the sofa, he is still very weak and still has some bad days, but he is living. And we live and love each other. It's not hopeless as long as you still have breath and hope, and each other.

You are very welcome here and I want you to know that we all really care. Keep in touch. Let us know about you and your mom. Ask many questions and read these postings here. These people are great. I am sending prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family.


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