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Remembering Dave

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Well I posted this under my last post in the general section but you know, this is some darned good news so I am putting it here as well, sorry for the duplication but it really does belong here, ha!

Halleujah!!!!!!!!!! We finally got our power back on last night!!!! 9 days without power sure does make you appreciate the..........powered things in life such as a well pump, never thought I would be thankfull to have a well pump but here I am. Oh, the price you pay to live 20 miles from civilization relying on a well (with no bucket!!) to get your water. The hospital got power back last Monday so I finished my PCI on Wed. and am now being gradually taken off the steroids, Thank goodness. I can't stand myself. No power and steroids are not a good thing. At least my wife has not left me yet, ha,ha,ha. Actually we have been looking on the bright side of things because since we lost everything in the fridge we can now go and stock up on our anti-cancer diet foods. I have been eating like a horse on these steroids, just constantly eating, out of control, everything and anything under the sun so we need to start eating right. Any sugestions????? Karen has ordered a cancer diet book but it has not arrived yet so any help will be greatly appreciated. We ended up taking the trailer over to Karens folks and camping out in the driveway. They hooked us up to the water and electricity and it made it a little easier. There are people who will not be getting thier power restored until the 15th of Oct. so says the power company, there was that much damage. I could not imagine another 2 weeks without power. Well, to all who read this I have not been posting much but I am on everyday and read everyones posts. You are all in my prayers every single night. This is a wonderful sight and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone of the administrators who set this up and watch over it.

David C.

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