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Update on Jeannine

Marco Jo

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Happy New Year Everybody-

We had a great Christmas with my sister, Jeannine. My husband and I spent it at her house with my two nephews, Jeannine and friends. Her friends have been so generous throughout this time. We even had twenty carolers in her living room the night before Christmas Eve.

However, on the second, she was admitted back into the hospital with shortness of breath. They suspected a blood clot was the culprit, but have not found one. So, they are treating her preventatively for one. Today, the lung specialist said he believes that her lung tumor is acting up and squeezing a blood vessel. So it appears that she will have to start chemo again quite soon. She seems pretty well at the moment besides the breathing. She does have some random pain in her neck and arms that seems to flare up pretty intensely, but they seem to think it is from overdoing.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with second line chemo treatment for sclc? We are waiting to speak to her onc. tomorrow to find out the plan.

Also, does anyone have experience or resources concerning talking to teenagers about this journey?

My nephews are 17 and 23, and they know all the facts, but I don't feel like they understand the gravity of the situation. I went through this with my Mom when I was 15 (and my sis was 25), but it looks so different from where I am standing now...

I have an interesting story about that one, but I'll save it for later, because I have to get some sleep.

All is well with the baby...20 weeks! I have an ultrasound next Tuesday!

Wishing you all strength and peace in 2007-

Marco Jo

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