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Radiation question


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My husband, Harry, finished his first week of radiation today. He's been having it twice a day.

They have Valet parking at the clinic he goes to, so when we arrived today for the treatment, he stepped out of the car while I was giving the keys to the valet guy.

When I turned back around, Harry was sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk! I rushed over to him, and he said he just got so weak and dizzy that he had to "sit"!

He's gotten sick after the chemo, but he's never been this bad..... Is this a common reaction to radiation? (or is it maybe the combination of the chemo and radiation, since this is the first week he's gotten both at once?)

He's totally wiped out..... can barely walk from room to room, is very nauseated (even with the 4 meds he takes to combat it), can't seem to think straight, etc.

Thanks for any insight on this..it scared me to see him sitting in the middle of the sidewalk!

Take care,


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With my mom it was the same, too. Weakness, fatigue,dizziness, all of it while doing the radiation side of treatment. The good news is that the energy level DOES come back up for most pretty quickly once radiation is done.

Many prayers and best wishes to you and your husband!

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