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Chinese Herbal Medicine – survival – energy?

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After replying to Heather_T’s post (below) I remembered I still had some pills left over from my Chinese Herbal Medicine phase. I had enough to do my old full routine of pills for awhile and noticed that my energy level was significantly improved after starting. It was a subtle feel good and keep on trucking type of energy that I didn’t notice until I tried to go to sleep! Going to sleep took longer than usual. Also noticed that I didn’t consciously think about being tired (as usual) during the day. After reviewing the pills I took, I imagine it was the Shi Quan Da Bu Wan. By the way Heather_T, one website did describe the product as “Shi Quan Da Bu Tang (Wan).”

I noticed there is a lot more information on the internet now than there used to be using Googles “advance search” and entering the products name. Besides more information describing the products, there are many more places to economically purchase the products.

I’ve been very lucky and blessed in my cancer battle. I saw a Chinese herbalist and began following his prescriptions after chemo, 1st bout with radiation and finally thermal ablation in early 2005. I wonder if some of my good health can be attributed to Chinese Medicine?? After reading more about the adjunct benefits of Chinese Medicine after surgery, radiation and chemo, I’m going to resume taking some of the medicine. What do you think about resuming the canelim, Nei Xiao Luo Li Wan and Shi Quan Da Bu Wan? For more information about dosage & ingredients, please go back to the thread started on Aug. 30, 2005. I would sure appreciate any posts that might help us all make decisions about this alternative/supplemental medicine.

We need to turn over every rock we find and examine the ground beneath it in this quest for health after our encounter with the big “C”. If the western medicine, we’re all using, had all of the answers, the survival rates for lung cancer would not be so dismal.

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