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update on mom


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Well we got the results back from latest ct scans and it said that the tumors in the liver are fewer in number and have further decreased in size, which is excellent news. However, mom had not been feeling well last week, dizzy, blurry vision, uncontrollable laughter, etc. She had a doctors appointment on friday with the one who treats her blood pressure, diabetes. Well by then she couldnt hardly walk and they told us there her blood pressure was 200/100 and they put her in the hospital. They done ct of head and it was negative but suspected a mini stroke and wanted to do mri. They tried twice but mom is so claustorphobic that on the second time she had a major panic attach, oxygen levels dropped, heart rate went up got deathly sick. She refused to let them try another mri. They sent her home yesterday with a walker and plans to do physical therapy 2 or 3 times a week. She has been so tired and so week that she cant even eat. So we got her some glucerin and ensure. I have to help her walk and I fed her today cause she is just so weak. She did eat a few bites but not a whole lot. she told me that she never thought she would be like this. I told her that she has almost beat the cancer and she can certainly beat this. I told her that she would start feeling better after she got some strength back and got some movement on her right side. I hate to see her like this cause she was soo independant and was always on the go and now she has to depend on me. I got her to do little exercises today to start getting strength back in her arm and leg. The physical therapist came by today for her assessment and will be back tomorrow or thursday. Please pray for her, she is such a fighter and she wants to fight she just needs the strenght to fight.

As always, I pray for each of you and your families

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