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Mom started radiation monday and she has had 3 rounds so far. They are doing full brain. She has lost partial use in her right side and has double/blurry vision. She is not able to walk or stand on her own. She is stronger in her leg than her arm and we are doing some therapy to try to build up strength> A social worker came to talk with us on monday before she went for radiation and she wanted to know if mom understood what kind of cancer she had. Well she does know and she understands that it is incurable but I got alittle offended by what she said. She told us that for the rest of moms life she will always be on some kind of treatment. It may go away in one place and pop up in another. I thought that when you got rid of it in one spot you could go into remission for awhile even years. I know there is always the chance it will come back, but the way she talked you would never go into remission she would be on some kind of treatment for the rest of her life.

My question is will mom slowly get the use back in her right side and will her vision get better? Also I didnt fully understand what the social worker meant. Mom is just impatient and is worried that she wont get any use back on her right side. Thanks


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Wow I am so sorry about everything that you are going through. I believe, if I am reading correctly your mom became NED in her chest and then they found the brain met.

FIrst I can't believe this social worker came across so negative! They power of being positive and ready to fight is huge and DO NOT let one person steal that from you. I believe there is always hope!

I pray they get that brain met and you prove her wrong!!! Just read this site and you will see the number of people who have survived!!!

Have faith and continue to believe. We all know that the road can be tough but but many have made it through!

I will send out prayers to you and your family. I believe in the power of prayer!!!!!

PM me any time and stay strong,


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Hi Rhonda,

My husband also suffers from the double-vision. He finished his brain radiation. It's still there, but he seems to be able to deal with it better now than at first. (Our doctor recommended wearing an eye patch -- he does it occasionally and it does help a little). He's still a little unsteady, but that's improving as he puts weight on. I noticed that as the Decadron was reduced (he's now off it), that many of the personality symptoms went away and he's now himself again. Whereas the steroid definitely caused some personality changes, particularly the first week.

My view is this. As long as he can feel better today than he did yesterday, there is hope that he'll feel better tomorrow than he did today. That's how I hold my hope.

Hoping your mom gets better and better...

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