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http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show ... 4921.shtml

MADISON, Wis., July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Two new patient education tools are now available for people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. National Lung Cancer Partnership is offering a patient education booklet for those recently diagnosed with lung cancer and a patient education video that explores making the decision to enter a lung cancer clinical trial.

The booklet, "Living with a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer," is available in quantity at no charge to physician practices. The booklet is designed to help those recently diagnosed with lung cancer answer basic questions about what the diagnosis means, who may be part of their cancer care team, and what their treatments might entail.

"When patients hear the words, 'You have lung cancer' their mind starts racing and they hear or remember very little of what comes next," said Joan Schiller, M.D., president, National Lung Cancer Partnership, and lead author of the booklet. "Even in this age of the internet with information at your fingertips, patients and their families often don't know what to ask or are intimidated about doing so. This booklet was designed to be an easy-to-read resource for many of the initial questions people might have, from what kinds of doctors will be treating you to whether or not a clinical trial is right for you."

Also available in quantity and at no charge to practices is the patient education video designed to clarify the clinical trials process by showing lung cancer patients' personal experiences with them. Stories of Strength: Making the Decision to Enter a Lung Cancer Clinical Trial is the first lung cancer-specific video that discusses the pros and cons of joining a clinical trial, and why lung cancer patients should consider this option as part of their treatment plan.

The video tells the story of four lung cancer survivors who chose to participate in clinical trials and describes what a clinical trial is, what it can involve and how it affected the treatments and outcomes of the four patients.

The video can be viewed at http://www.nationallungcancerpartnershi ... fm?l=Video and the booklet may be downloaded from http://www.nationallungcancerpartnershi ... ?l=Booklet or ordered by sending an email including your name, address and the quantity requested to info@NationalLungCancerPartnership.org. The booklet and video serve as valuable resources in oncology and pulmonology practices and primary care centers.

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