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WBR - Persistent side effects?

mary colleen

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My husband finished 20 days of WBR in 7 weeks ago. The resultant fatigue is improving, but he has a persistently depressed appetite, has lost about 10 pounds, has new (pretty moderate - ibuprofen and an ice pack help) back pain, and he seems to have redeveloped an intermittent dry cough similar to the one he had prior to the original diagnosis.

He has seen the radiologist for a follow up check, and he apparently thought everything was ok. He has new scans and bloodwork on 8/10, so I guess we'll see how things are then.

Anyone else in the WBR world have these kinds of issues a couple of months after? Maybe the cough and back pain are just incidental, not sure.

Thanks all

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if you look at my sig line, you'll see that my fdad's fatigue was deep and persistent for a few weeks after WBR. It eventually broke and it came right at about the time that we took him off ativan and put him on steroids. not clear if it was the passage of time, getting him off one med or getting him on steroids, but things definitely got better.

here is my exchange with Dr. West which you may find particularly on point:


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