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Good News for Cancer Patients

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LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Metabolic Research, Inc. announced today that an animal study conducted in cooperation with Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of Cranbury, NJ, confirmed that "ABL-SA" protein found in a Brazilian mushroom (a key component in Metabolic Research's Polimmune™ supplement) is effective in avidly binding to particularly aggressive lung cancer cells called H460, in mice.

The protein has the ability to identify cancer cells in the body, and stick to them. It then blocks the cancer cells' ability to survive. An earlier in vitro study using HT29 colon cancer demonstrated an 81% inhibition rate of this type of cancer proliferation. In other words, "81% of cancer cells died during the test," says Dr. David Summers, President and CEO of Metabolic Research, Inc.

The most recent animal studies demonstrate that the protein began binding and being taken into the cancer cells within ten minutes of administration. The uptake of the single dose effectively peaked at two hours, and then dropped off to baseline after six hours.

"There was no apparent toxicity. This protein offers remarkable promise for future pharmaceutical development as the data shows that it avidly seeks out and binds to the tumor antigen and that this TF antigen is common to most epithelial cancers," said Dr. Summers.

The protein is currently a component in Metabolic Research's Polimmune™ dietary supplement. However, Metabolic Research may now develop the protein, according to FDA guidelines, as a natural dietary adjunct for cancer treatment.

"As an adjunct to already approved FDA cancer therapies, a Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) natural compound, such as this, would only have to be proven safe when used in combination with current treatment regimens. This means that this product could become available within months instead of years," stated Dr. Robert G.L. Shorr, PhD.

Metabolic Research Inc. is staffed by an international team dedicated to developing natural pharmaceutical-grade supplements through unique growing techniques. The result is the production of extremely safe and specific supplements containing the proteins, carbohydrates and fats for achieving specific internal health and balance without toxic contaminates such as mercury, lead, and PCBs. For more information about their techniques, see www.metabolicresearchinc.com.

For more information on Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Shorr, visit http://www.cornerstonepharma.com/biorob.html

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