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Mum in hospital - any ideas?


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Hi everyone,

Mum was admitted to hospital last week with severe vomiting and headache. Her voice has also gone very hoarse and she appeared slightly disorientated. The docs are at a loss as to what is happening as her scans show no change. Brain scan was clear also. A small spot on the liver was mentioned by the doc but he wasnt overly concerned.

Mum had the same symptons in March this year which led to her being diagnosed but they cleared up before she even started the chemotherapy. Only difference was she had a bad cough then but none now.

She is feeling better and is now eating a little but she is still a little weak.

My questions are has anybody else had these types of episodes which have simply cleared up in time?

Is it a normal progression with lung cancer?



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thanks for the reply.She is home now and although she has stopped vomiting she is very weak. Docs are at a loss as to what it is. I just hope it was a bug or as you said dehydration due to the sickness. She is taking anti sickness tablets and painkillers.

Best wishes to Harry

God bless


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