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Bittersweet day


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Today is a day of many emotions. I'll be leaving Monday for my trip to Louisiana. I am really looking forward to the time with my family and also dreading being away from my personal belongings for so long.

Today I finally got to go up to French Gulch and visit with some of the friends that I made there. One of my friends had put together a little gathering in my honor. She had snacks and had invited several of my friends and former neighbors. I was very touched and apprecative.

I came home to a worry that is growing with each passing hour. I have been trying all evening to get in touch with Johnny's daughter in law. They live in Chahalis where some of the worse flooding has been. Not only am I worried about them but there has been a growing concern because they have Johnny's ashes. I can't bear to think of anything happening to his family that he loved so much or his ashes. It really has me frightened.

I have so much to be thankful for right now and my trip to look forward to but that flood has left me wtih a lot of sad feelings. From what I have seen all of the places where Johnny and I spent our time together has been impacted by the flood or the winds. I have been watching the vidio that I made before I left there and seeing those same places that were so beautiful and so dear to me and wondering what they are like now.

I feel so selfish for having these concerns when so many people are suffering but it really is upsetting. I emailed the Chaplin of the Rehab hospital and hope to hear back from him too but so far no news from anyone. Please keep them in your prayers. That whole area and many people there mean a lot to me.

I guess that too makes me think about all I leave behind when I travel. Things can happen so quickly.

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