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I am off for a while


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Well I guess I should ask for a Hall Pass. I will come here to check on everyone regularly but not sure if I will find much time for posting.

My bags are all packed and ready to go. Tomorrow I leave on the first leg of my long vacation. This has been quite a week. I had to deal with the 5 year aniversary of Johnny's death, get all of those last minute things done that you have to do when leaving home for a long time and I had a few problems as well.

I forgot my blood pressure medication one night and that caused me a problem for a couple of days. That stressed me out on top of the stress I was already feeling. Anyone who has TMJ knows that stress can really cause some serious headaches and earaches along with other problems.

On top of all of that I watched those vidios that I made before I left Washington. I couldn't listen to the things I had said and I did find a way to record them again and leave off the sound. I just couldnt part with the pictures and memories that go with them. Just happened though that I was watching all of those vidios while it was flooding in those same places. I was very upset by that and worried about Johnny's kids.

Everything has turned out well. I spoke to his daughter in law and learned that they are all fine. I also found out that his youngest son the he worried so much about has turned his life around. He has settled down with a girl he dated in high school and they have a baby girl(I guess she is the answer to my dream a couple of years ago), He is also going to church and studying for the Ministry. Wow that was a shock!

I have some great times with my friends in French Gulch and here in the Apartments where I live. This week has been hard but full and very rewarding. Oh yes and I did forget to mention that Johnny's daughter in law is expecting again. In the back of my mind I can hear Johnny say as he did once before "well mom two more grandbabies to love, what do you think of that?"

Anyway I am making this too long so I will say talk to you soon and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I also want to thank all of you for "holding my hand" by long distance this past week. Lillian

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