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A new Pain??


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Dad is now experiencing pain in his ribcage area on the side that his lung that was full of cancer. He has been having a little bit of pain there and we used to think it was from the chest tube he had put in during May and June while he was hospitalized, but it has progressively gotten worse and he now says it is worse than the pain he has in his left leg from the DVT. We have told the Oncologist about it and he hasnt given us an answer but said he would hold off on new scans til after the first of the year and we told hospice about it and she said Dad needed to consider something more for pain again. I guess my question is, does anyone know of a reason he would be having this pain? My suspicion, no matter how hopeful I am trying to be is that the cancer is growing back with a vengence (sorry spelling not sure??). He has been complaining about it more and says that when he takes a breath it hurts him really bad. His chest remains clear when they listen. Well have a doctors appointment of my own today to deal with, just wanted to post that question. Take care all. Shelly

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I was having a pain like that, it started around the end of August, it wasn't the worst pain I've ever hard but it was pretty bad especially when I had a coughing fit hit. I was reminded the pain I had last year when I was diagnosed & part of my lung collapsed, only to a lesser degree.

They thought for a bit that I had a bone mets to a couple of my ribs but the PET scan cleared that area, the chemo doc thinks it may have been an inflamation of the spaces between the ribs. It seemed to take a while but it did finally go away.

I don't know if thats much help to you, but at least it may give you another possibility to consider as a cause :)

I hope he's doing better & they are able to help him control the pain, nothing seemed to help mine, mostly because it wasn't there all the time it was like one of those sneak attack kinds of things where it would hurt really bad then be gone until I moved or coughed or took too deep a breath kind of thing.

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